100% Subscription Refund policy:

RLTR guarantees to refund the full subscription amount subject to the following conditions:

  1. Only the first-time subscribers to RLTR are eligible for such refund.
  2. If the ‘Realised P&L’ of the ‘Low Risk’ trading account of RLTR is negative for a particular month.
  3. Refund is based on the performance of the ‘Realised P&L’ of the ‘Low Risk’ trading account of RLTR over a period of one month. Performance of the client is not considered as the basis as RLTR doesn’t have any control over the client’s trading account.
  4. RLTR strives to trade every day of the month provided there are opportunities to have a profitable trade. Sometimes there could be more than one trade and other times there may not be any trade on a given trading day.  RLTR has ultimate authority on when to trade and when not.
  5. If the subscription fee is paid between 1st and 31st of the month, the performance of the ‘Low Risk’ trading account of RLTR for next month is taken as the basis for subscription refund. e. if the subscription is paid in Feb’22, performance of Mar’22 will be the basis.  If paid in Mar’22, the performance of Apr’22 will become the basis.
  6. 100% Refund will be made within 3 months from the date of claim made.
  7. Refund only applicable for Weekly subscription.
  8. Payment refund approved will be made to the source from which you paid it cannot be sent to other accounts or individuals